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Let’s Change How We Grow Business

Within each of us there are pearls to be uncovered – potential to be discovered in every circumstance.

Too often we identify and focus on the problems we encounter before we allow ourselves to dream about the potential and then we let these problems be the roadblocks to moving forward instead of the catalyst for building on the opportunities.

CLAM is not about ignoring the roadblocks but is all about uncovering the potential – utilising the assets within a community/ organisation/ system to build towards the visions, dreams and goals. More often than not there are under-utilised strengths and assets that when nurtured and developed can provide tremendous change and opportunity.

CLAM’s aim is to help communities/ organisations/ system’s understand this potential and uncover these pearls.

Business Capacity Building

Your business is the expression of you - your learnings, your experiences, your passion, your message to the world, and the purpose you want to achieve. We support you and your business through: Business Strategy; Team Development & Growth; and, Management Skills Training.

Leadership Training

Running an organisation is hard work! CLAM Business works with you and your team to provide you with the knowledge, skills and practical experience that you will need to ensure that your business, project and organization run effectively and efficiently.

Community Engagement

Community engagement – when performed flexibly and effectively – empowers the community to have significant control over the identification, problem-solving and key decision-making processes related to the unique issues that impact group and individual community members.


The Clam Business research team have distinguished themselves amongst our various partners’ industries by developing efficient, technology supported innovative models that have been proven effective by our key partners in real-world situations.

Our Work

Capacity Building within the early childhood education sector

June 7, 2017

Indigenous multi-disciplinary health delivery review

June 7, 2017

Innovative health service delivery

June 7, 2017

Our Partners

A core component to achieving our mission are strong strategic partnerships with like-minded high-capacity organisations. These key collaborations provide an evidence-based approach to ongoing innovation, as well as strengthening our abilities to perform effective and robust research and implementation programs.

LTTS offer a comprehensive range of mobile and clinic-based Allied Health services tailored to suit individual, community or corporate needs.

CheckUP is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to better health for people and communities who need it most.

Hope Empowered works to address and relieve poverty by utilising the tools of creativity, mentoring and entrepreneurship.