What We Do

Uncover Your Business Potential

Within each of us there are pearls to be uncovered – potential to be discovered in every circumstance.

Our Services

Business Capacity Building

Your business is the expression of you – your learnings, your experiences, your passion, your message to the world, and the purpose you want to achieve.

Here at CLAM Business, we understand that your heart and soul – as well as your passion to change the world – is wrapped up in how your business runs in its own unique way. This unique way that you operate your business is a key component to the success that your business will have within your identified niche.

To further support both yourself and your unique approach, CLAM Business is available to work with you on:

  • Business Strategy
  • Team Development & Growth
  • Management Skills Training

Community Engagement

Effective community engagement depends on mutual trust, respect and open communication between members within a community or between two communities seeking to make improvements on key issues that they are facing. Here at CLAM Business, we seek to develop and nurture this open trust environment that is essential to ensure ownership and engagement for the mutual benefits of all community members occurs.

Community engagement – when performed flexibly and effectively – empowers the community to have significant control over the identification, problem-solving and key decision-making processes related to the unique issues that impact group and individual community members. This key ethos upheld by CLAM Business enables us to not only develop an open environment conducive to discussion, but also supports CLAM Business in working with a community to identify clear and community-owned decisions.

Leadership Training

Running an organisation is hard work! Leadership is the major factor that makes everything within the organization work together seamlessly, towards a unified goal. The great leaders that we know are highly innovative in convincing people to follow them to achieve common or shared goals.

CLAM Business works with you and your team to provide you with the knowledge, skills and practical experience that you will need to ensure that your business, project and organization run effectively and efficiently. Our individually-tailored services will focus on developing the strategic, financial and communication skills you require, whilst refining your own personal leadership style and building your understanding of other leadership and communication styles.


At CLAM Business, research is the cornerstone of our innovations, and underpins the practical implementation of all of our service delivery components with our strategic partners.

In partnership with our key partners, CLAM Business delivers key outcomes through combining evidence with customer value, and data to strategic outputs, whilst developing differentiated, cost-effective models utilising core technologies to value-add to products and service delivery. These key models will lead CLAM Business, our key partners, our customers, and our represented industries into the future.

Since its inception, the research team within Clam Business have distinguished themselves amongst its various partners’ industries by developing efficient, technology supported innovative models that have been proven effective by our key partners in real-world situations. These models have been reviewed across various levels in the marketplace and adapted into numerous organisations to improve efficiencies and outcomes for clients, families, and communities – whilst leading to informing policy.